The Australian Viral Detection Agencyalso known as AVDA, is a government agency in the Operation Outbreak universe. Not much is known about AVDA, apart from their obvious affiliations with the Australian Government, the CSIRO, Horzine Industries and the infamous Umbrella Corporation and their presence in communities before the outbreak occured. 


The official AVDA logo as of June 2012

It is conspriricised that AVDA caused the outbreak themselves (either directly or indirectly), but there is no cement evidence to confirm this. 

Wellers Hill FacilityEdit

The HillEdit

Once a primary school, the Wellers Hill AVDA Viral Treatment Centre, also known as "The Hill", is where Operation Outbreak is set. It is located near a water reservoir and surrounding reserve, which facilitated water to the surrounding population and once served as a home for harmless bushland creatures.  


Leading up to infection day, it was speculated  that the reservoir was a covert AVDA base of operations, although nothing was ever proven. Even so, AVDA personnel were often seen entering the reservoir (supposedly for routine water testing). The local police department was often called by residents from the surrounding suburd complaining of unearthly screams coming from the general area of the reservoir, but as no conclusive evidence of "banshees" nesting in the area was found, it was put down to local youths messing around. 

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