What is WHN?Edit

Wellers Hill Nerf is a group which organises nerf events. If you would like to learn more, please explore this wiki or join our facebook group

Gun RestrictionsEdit

Q: Am I allowed to bring my OP airblaster that can rip through a coke can to a WHN event?

A: As of now all WHN events are stock to near stock affairs, so super-modded guns are not permitted. If you are still not sure, please let one of our admins/mods know.

Q: At Operation Outbreak, can I keep any guns/clips/weapons of any kind on me?

A: No. All weapons and other items that will assist you in game must be handed into the trader in order for the game currency to be efficient and for the gameplay experience to be as fair as possible. Anyone found breaching these rules will be banned from WHN events and named and shamed on not only our group page, but BNG, TNT and others as well.


Q: Where is [Insert Event Here] being held?

A: As our name suggests, all of our events are held at Wellers Hill State School. If this changes, we will make sure you know about it.

Q: Where do I park?


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Where to park.

Also in some events we may ask you to use your cars as cover; this of course is your decision.


Q: If there's rain/storms/floods/cataclysm, is the event still on?

A: In most cases, the event will continue. If the weather is too extreme, however, we will notify you 3-6 hours before the event begins. So check the event page/WHN group BEFORE you pull out/arrive.

Dart HireEdit

Q: How much is dart hire?

A: The amount for dart hire will be clearly written in the event description, but it's usually around 5-10 Dollars.

Q: Do I have to pay dart hire or can I BYO?

A: No, you don't have to pay dart hire, but anything taken from our ammo boxes will result in the 5 Dollar fee. So, once you run out, you run out.

Q: Can I donate darts?

A: Yes. If you donate enough (depending on the event), we can even waive your dart hire fee.

Lost PropertyEdit

Q: I've lost a gun/attachment/item of mine, how can I retrieve it?

A: All lost property found by the admins will be posted on the event page, so look out for that if you have lost something. We'll give it to you at the next event we see you at!


Q: I have already put together a team for Phase II, when do we start?

A: Whoa whoa whoa! Teams will be subject to change on the day, and to avoid confusion and arguments it is best to sort this stuff out on the day. Chances are not all of your "team" will be lucky enough to be humans, and for the good of the game itself it's best we move teams and players around.

What Are You on About?!?!Edit

Q: What are these events even like?

A: Watch this , this and this . It may give you an idea on what these events are like, and what you can expect.

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