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The crew at Gamesnight.

WHN GamesnightEdit

Gamesnight was an event held by WHN on the 17th November, 2012. 

Best classified as an urban night war with a heavy emphasis on stealth, Gamesnight shared similarities to the earlier Stealth Nights; with the main difference being the larger number of players and more teambased and experimental gamemodes. 


  • The event had a 5 Dollar dart hire
  • Like earlier events, it was a stock/near stock war
  • Gamemodes included-
    • HvZ
    • CTF
    • Payload
    • Free For All
    • TDM
    • 3 Team TDM
    • Gladiator
    • Infiltration
  • Only the bold gamemodes were actually played (due to weather circumstances), but others listed may be played at future Gamesnight's 

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