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Operation Outbreak (Also shortened to Op Outbreak) was the first event in the Operation Outbreak series. As an extension to the already alive and well Stealth Night game mode Paranoia, this event was incredibly popular and was deemed a success by most involved.

Backstory (to be reviewed by admin)Edit

Operation Outbreak is set in the not-so-distant future, in a world that has devolved into a zombie apocalypse. Weeks after the apocalypse began, rumours of an evacuation vehicle at the old Wellers Hill AVDA facility were circling around the remains of Brisbane. People came far and wide to find a safe haven, instead finding a zombie infested reservoir, with a gnarky trader (who you must entertain and obey in order to get the EVAC) and a gang of AVDA/Umbrella mercenaries hunting for their heads.

The players, who have now sorted themselves into 2 teams, must fight against these zombies and be transported. Problem is, there is another team who want your seats. You must out-wit, out-live and out-smart your zombified and human opponents in order to live another day.



Teams- (numbers may vary)

  • 7 Mercenaries
  • 3 Zombies
  • 2 Teams of 7 Survivors

Survivor teams begin with limited supplies, a base and a radio in order to contact the trader.

Zombie team has unlimited respawns. Two hand touch to convert. Zombie leader is given a radio.

Mercenaries start with weapons, a base and large quantities of ammo. 


  • Keeps in touch with all teams
  • Has a trading post/base of operations
  • Uses players for his own intents (i.e. missions)
  • He cannot be killed
  • He can kill those who choose to play unfairly

The team that remains at the end of the match wins. Usually 2-3 rounds in one day, rounds last 2-3 hours.
The following infomation came straight from a planning document that was written for Operation Outbreak:


* Raid supply caches

* Finish missions for the trader to receive guns and ammunition

* Trade weapons for ammunition or vice versa

* Kill zombies

* Establish bases/civilizations

* Rescue injured/trapped people. Some choreographed sequences may see players being trapped by the horde with no weapons or limited ammunition and his/her team (or the enemy team) may rescue or capture him/her.

* Some zombies may carry ‘Intel’ and may need to be killed for this Intel to be taken. Intel may include:

o Locations of supplies

o Enemy actions/movements

o Location of potential strongpoints and other significant areas (of which are to be decided)

Rules and Ideas

* Certain players/zombies are given information and choreographed, for example:

o Some missions zombies are informed about in advance and can attempt to ambush players

o Mercenaries may be given objectives and told of survivor movements

* Trader

o Wild card, sides with the highest bidder

o Helps choreograph teams and issue missions to the respective factions.

o May sell Intel such as:

* Location of enemy and their movements

* Location of caches

o Sells weapons and ammunition for currency (discs)

o Works on shift system to keep player boredom minimal

o Controls bubblers, if you want water, complete missions

o Issues missions such as:

* Scavenge for supplies (which players can keep for themselves or give to the )trader for an unknown reward)

* Clear areas

* Gather Intel off zombies

* Bring the trader info on the enemy (so trader can tweak game)

o Can roam as long as has sign stating so, should stay in view of shop though and have ammo on him when he roams so he can trad and resupply players

o Cannot die

o Can kill if necessary but frowned upon

o Is judge, jury and executioner 

Two teams are placed at opposite ends of the playing area and can:

o Set up bases

o Eliminate opposite team for their gear, currency and ammunition (mercs drop currency once they die)

o Negotiate hostage release/capture enemies and make demands

o Players payed for every action they complete in discs

* Must document these completed (or failed) actions on a clipboard

* Walkie talkies

o Channel for trader to communicate with players for trading and helping them on his set missions

o Channel for each team

o Mercs have their own channel too

o Enough walkie talkies per team so that 2 scout groups can radio their bases


o Work closely with trader

o Must play fair (no nonstop harassing of players)

o Cannot die but must respawn like zombies

o If mission fails they MUST abort (no endless repsawn assaults on players)

o Shoots players on sight but will not necessarily pursue them

o Job is to “decontaminate” Ground Zero, by ANY means necessary


o If players are captured by the enemy ransom may be demanded

o Keep it fair, 5 guns and 100 darts for one survivor is crossing the line

Trapped players-

o If a player gets cornered by zombies and is unable to move, zombie scouts may inform the trader, who will radio the trapped person’s team and give them the location of said trapped person – for a price

o Alternately these trapped players can be abducted by the enemy


o If human dies with gun, zombie may run with the gun and has to be killed again before it drops the gun

o Cannot shoot

o If zombie infects a survivor it may go to the trader for a reward in the form of special infected perks:

* Higher damage threshold (juggernaut suit)

* Berserker (melee)

* Ranged (guns)

* Kamikaze (throwable bombs)

o They may “stack” these rewards to receive upgraded or combined perks.


o Survivors

* 1 shot – 1 kill. If you get shot anywhere on your body you join the Horde

* Clothing shots do not count, for example a dart skins the back of your hoodie this is not counted

o Zombies

* Must raise hands or place hands on head to signify they are dead and then shamble back to a spawn point

* Unlike “Walking Dead zombies” body shots are counted, essentially same hit area rules as humans

o Mercenaries

* Cannot become infected but must respawn like zombies if bitten or killed by players

* Gameplay:

o Survivors

* Play fair:

* If you get killed don’t be a tool, join the horde

* During negotiation also be fair

* The trader is the law, don’t argue

* Anyone stealing darts will be kicked from event and barred from future event and “named and shamed” on all BNG, T.A.G. and any other groups

o Mercenaries

* If in an assault on survivors your entire team is annihilated you must stop the assault and return to base (don’t neglect your unlimited lives)

* May shoot on sight but shouldn’t harass players too much

o Zombies

* Work closely with the trader, keep him informed of player movements and activities

* Weapons and ammo:

o Players start with 1 or 2 single shot weapons among their entire group

o Have limited ammo

o Can scavenge for weapons and scout

o Can build base

* Rewards:

o Players are rewarded with currency if they complete actions

o Zombies are rewarded with perks

Other Ideas

* Bubblers must be unlocked through missions/clearance, drinking is dangerous, watch your back

* Players paid by overseer for each action taken out

o Tally system on clipboard with rewards (discs or perks)

* When zombies switch, split the horde between the two survivor groups – unless starting game from scratch. This is so while the zombies get a go the player team doesn’t have to start from scratch. .

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